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The Troy Cowboys accept children ages 5-13, with an age cutoff of November 1st. Levels are Flag, Freshman, JV, and Varsity.

Our football coaches are “Heads Up” certified in concussion awareness and safety techniques by USA Football.  Our equipment state of the art, reconditioned and replaced regularly in order to ensure the safety of our players.  For more information visit

OMYFA  Ages and Weights

  1. Flag: All participants must be (5) years old by August 1st. It’s not mandatory to take a 5 year old but at the Franchises discretion, Teams may do so.
  2. Tackle: Eligibility date for 8-13 year olds will be determined as of November 1st.
  3. There will be no High School students (9th grade), or 14 year olds allowed.

There will be no Junior High/Middle School Football participants playing in both the OMYFA and school games, and other organized football teams during OMYFA season. (Taken on a case by case basis) 13 year olds on 9th grade that have played year in our program. Executive board will make a decision.

  1. Any OMYFA Franchise caught playing an ineligible participant will result in game forfeiture. Disciplinary action can be taken against the team coach and/or the GM. It will be brought before the league for discussion. Majority Vote of OMYFA executive board on any action rule.
  2. Each team will police their own teams.


  1. The Maximum Weight referred to hereinafter shall be the weight of the participant (with full uniform, game shoes, pads no helmet) each participant must present his/hers jersey for identification purposes at weigh in. Players have the option of a dry weigh-in (less 5lbs. overall) Early weigh-in are to be conducted only during the half time of the flag game/first game of the day.
  1. Weight Limits by age for each squad are:
  • Flag: Ages 5-7 years old no weight limit.
  • Freshmen: Ages 8 & 9 Max Weight 125
  • JV: Ages 10 & 11 Max Weight 145
  • Varsity: Ages 12 & 13 Max Weight 170

If you are interested in registering your child for football and would like more information please contact us at